Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to My Cookbook

I have decided to start a new blog just for recipes. I think it will keep things a little more organized.

The recipes will be old family recipes, recipes from friends and recipes that mom and I have collected over the years.

The recipes that I know have been used and are good will be marked with "TNT"(Tried and True) in the title.

The rest of the recipes will be ones that I have found that sounded good but have yet to be tried, they will be marked "TNT" when they pass the taste test!!!

This will be a long, on going slow project as I sort through a huge collection of recipes that have piled up from family members over the years.

I hope you all enjoy the recipes!



tam said...

Hi Brenda! I am your first folowwer on your new blog-yay!
Be sure to add me to your list on your new blogs so my visitors see you! I am headed over to your store now....
have a nice day!
~Tam :D


I can't wait to see some more of your recipes. Thanks so much. connie